The Meetrics, the leading European software company for advertising measurement and analytics has been granted continued accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC). In May 2018 the toughest privacy and security law in the world was put into effect in Europe. Fighting against the growing threat for advertisers of ad fraud, Meetrics ensured that its solution with Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration functionality for Desktop & Mobile Web traffic complies the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the strict guidelines of the MRC. Meetrics’ MRC accreditation for its measurement of desktop and mobile web viewable impressions and related viewability metrics for both display and video ads was continued too.

Meetrics’ Ad Attention Manager Suite brings together four powerful components to manage the quality of ads: Viewability Check, Ad Fraud Prevention, Audience Verification and Brand Protection, the first two of which include MRC accredited metrics.

“Meetrics continues to demonstrate its industry leadership by maintaining MRC accreditation for its desktop and mobile web Viewability and SIVT solutions,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “Meetrics has been accredited by MRC since 2015 for viewability measurement, and since 2017 for SIVT detection and filtration, and this latest accreditation action provides assurance to the marketplace that Meetrics’ practices are keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

“For more than a decade, advertisers have relied on Meetrics’ analytics and measurement solutions to invest their digital marketing budgets in the most effective way.” said Max von Hilgers, Meetrics Co-Founder and Managing Director. “With our continued accreditations by the MRC, advertisers can be sure that Meetrics is providing the highest possible standard of accountability.”

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Im zweiten Quartal 2019 liegt die Sichtbarkeitsrate von Display-Werbung in Deutschland bei 57 Prozent und ist damit gegenüber dem ersten Quartal leicht gestiegen. Die Sichtbarkeitsrate für Bewegtbildwerbung ist im selben Betrachtungszeitraum ebenfalls gestiegen und liegt nun bei 89 Prozent.


Berlin, 22. Juli 2019 – Während die Sichtbarkeitsrate für Display-Werbung nun für zwei Quartale gleichbleibend ist, setzt sich der Aufwärtstrend hoher Sichtbarkeit von Bewegtbildwerbung weiter fort. Dieses Ergebnis ist dem aktuellen „Viewability Benchmarks“-Report, den der führende europäische Meßtechnologie- und Datenanbieter Meetrics herausgegeben hat, zu entnehmen. Der Benchmark-Report beinhaltet darüber hinaus eine detaillierte Übersicht zu einzelnen Ad-Formaten und Benchmarks für weitere Märkte in Europa. Zum ersten Mal werden in dem Benchmark-Report auch die häufigsten Gründe für fehlende Sichtbarkeit nach ihrer prozentualen Verteilung ausgewiesen. Der mit Abstand häufigste Grund für Displaywerbung nicht sichtbar zu werden, ist mit 34 Prozent zu tief in der Seite platzierte Werbebanner.


“Wir bieten dem digitalen Werbemarkt mit unserem Viewability Benchmark Report seit Jahren Orientierung. Mit den im aktuellen Report ausgewiesenen Zahlen zu den Gründen fehlender Viewability gehen wir noch einen Schritt weiter. Noch nie war es einfacher mit zum Teil wenigen Maßnahmen die Sichtbarkeit digitaler Werbung zu steigern.”, erläutert Philipp von Hilgers, Managing Director und Co-Founder von Meetrics.   


Die kompletten “Viewability Benchmarks”-Reports mit einer detaillierten Auflistung unterschiedlicher Banner-Formate stehen auf der Meetrics-Webseite zum kostenfreien Download zur Verfügung. In den vierteljährlichen Reports gibt Meetrics einen Überblick zu Sichtbarkeitsraten und durchschnittlichen Sichtbarkeitsdauern. Grundlage für die Meetrics Viewability Benchmarks ist die Richtlinie „50/1“ des IAB und des Media Rating Council (MRC). Demnach müssen mindestens 50 Prozent der Werbemittelfläche für mindestens eine durchgehende Sekunde im sichtbaren Bereich des Browsers gewesen sein. Bei Video Ads lautet die Empfehlung „50/2“, d. h. das Werbemittel muss mindestens mit 50 Prozent seiner Fläche für wenigstens 2 Sekunden sichtbar geworden sein.

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First measurements across all channels show viewability rates above industry-wide benchmarks 


ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, announces that it has partnered with Meetrics, a leading European software company for advertising measurement and analytics, to provide enhanced advertising campaign delivery validation for VOD advertising across ITV Hub platforms.

As part of the partnership, Meetrics provides video viewability data and reporting for ITV Hub on connected TV platforms and In-App (Android and iOS) as well as desktop and mobile web campaigns. This enriches the reporting capabilities for VOD campaigns run on ITV Hub and demonstrates the high quality of ITV’s ad inventory on metrics that are important to agencies and advertisers.

With the partnership, ITV underlines its commitment to very high transparency standards and quality controls for the benefit of its advertising customers. Meetrics is an independent vendor accredited for various services by the Media Rating Council and committed to strict privacy rules in full accordance with GDPR. With Meetrics as a partner ITV is breaking new ground by being the first broadcaster in the world to make use of the IAB Open Measurement SDK, which is considered the most rigorous standard for In-App viewability measurement. To date, average measurement for campaigns running across ITV Hub showed a viewability rate (according to the MRC definition) of 98%, which is far beyond average, compared to industry viewability benchmarks. The new viewability measurement and reporting will give advertisers huge confidence that ITV can deliver standards on human and viewability measures that outperform the VOD market.

Frank Mulhall, Head of Ad Operations at ITV said: “Partnering with Meetrics has demonstrated ITV’s commitment to verifying the value of our broadcast quality digital inventory via independent measurement. The move starts the process of raising standards for online video that only broadcasters can achieve in line with our clients’ expectations. Advertisers invest large sums in media to drive both brand and response and whilst partial viewing of ads is still seen as acceptable in some areas of digital advertising, we believe that investment means that advertising should be seen by people and seen in full.”

“Our strategic partnership will demonstrate the high quality of ITV’s video ad inventory and set new standards in viewability measurements across various channels,” said Max von Hilgers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics. “ITV is committed to give its clients full transparency over their campaign delivery and to do so it showed technological leadership by investing in their own technology stack, new industry standards, and independent measurement solutions. ITV is responding directly to what advertisers are demanding; budgets for video ads are getting larger, while video inventory, which is proven to be of high quality, is limited,” said Philipp von Hilgers, also Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics.

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