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Test our Viewability measurement

Using the Super Banner (above this text) and the Skyscraper (on the right side of this text) as examples, we will show how the viewability of an advert can be verified. This page can be navigated just like any other webpage.

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The Ad Viewability


When the page is clicked on, the entire Super Banner is viewable*; that means that 100% of the surface is within the browser window. The Skyscraper, on the other hand, is only partly - or not at all – viewable**, due to its placement in the lower half of the webpage. The proportion of the advert that is currently viewable in the browser window will be shown in percent, in the box on the bottom left of the page.

The duration of the visibility

The length that the ad is visible for will be measured in seconds. The timer will stop counting as soon as the user opens another application or program on the computer.

Inactivity doesn’t count

If the user is inactive for longer than 15 seconds (no more clicks, no movement of the mouse, no scrolling etc.) then the ad viewability will not count. As a rule, the cut-off point for inactivity is 60 seconds. Results of studies have shown that after one minute of no interaction from the user, it can be assumed that the user is no longer paying attention to the webpage.

* The Super Banner is entirely visible on normal screen resolutions.

** Less than 50% of the Skyscraper is viewable on normal screen resolutions.

Leader Board0s100%
TimePortion≥ 50% viewable

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