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The News Attention solution from Meetrics aids newsrooms, editors and social media teams in understanding what moves their readers in real-time. Meetrics shows exactly how articles and teasers perform, where the readers come from, and to what degree they engage with the provided content.

“Meetrics offers much more than just a click-counter. The News Attention Monitor offers substantiated information on which topics evoke a positive response amongst the readers.”

Luzi Bernet, deputy editor and news chief

"We appreciate how Meetrics intelligently condenses relative readings. The News Attention Monitor shows us information about actual reading activity beyond clicks. This aids our decision guidance as a quality medium."
Björn M. Wagner, Audience Development

“Meetrics offers us a new approach to measure the quality and relevance of websites. The technology is equally useful for publishers as a market research instrument and as a web analytics tool."

Alexander von Reibnitz, Managing Director for digital mediums and new business areas

Relevance is vital: Meetrics puts click and visibility rate into relation with each other

Many newsrooms use click-rate to aid the decision of where to place a teaser. However, this number alone can be misleading. Therefore, Meetrics puts click and visibility rates into relation with one another. For example: if a news site is loaded 2000 times and the first teaser is clicked 1000 times, then it may seem that it is, with a click-rate of 50%, more successful than a teaser at the bottom which is clicked 800 times, achieving a click-rate of 40%. If, however, you take into account the visibility rate, you will notice the second teaser was only seen by 60% of readers, whilst the first was seen by all readers. Therefore, the tables are turned, the second teaser performs better considering visibility.

See in real-time which content reaches your readers: Meetrics measures actual reading activity

The performance value shows what action is needed for each teaser. It is determined by four configurable values that return the click, read and bounce rate of articles and teasers.

You can also view all relevant information about articles and teasers as an overlay directly on your homepage. Furthermore, this tool offers valuable data like, for example, scrolling depth.

The overlay offers a detailed analytical display for each article. This shows you, in real-time, where your readers come from and which of your articles are being read from beginning to end.

The Meetrics News Attention solution

By using online reading patterns and results from eye-gaze studies, the Meetrics technology determines not only the visibility, but also if the teasers were just loaded in the browser, for example, or if they were actually read.

1.) Assessing the layout and the behaviour of the readers

Firstly, Meetrics gathers the content and structure of a news page. A Meetrics News Attention script is loaded in the browser and runs in the background, measuring the reader's interactions with the pages' content. The reader is not disturbed at any point.

2.) Presenting the collected data, in real-time

The algorithms in the script trace the readings, scrolling and click behaviour and send the corresponding data to the server. These will be presented in real-time on the dashboard and overlay and directly transferred to the newsroom.

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News Attention – your benefits

  • Newsrooms receive analysis on how teasers, multi-page articles and photo galleries on the homepage perform
  • Editors can see straight away how the articles and teasers perform
  • Articles and teasers are rated independently of the position or age
  • Social media teams receive direct feedback on their posts and updates
  • Meetrics provides substantiated decision guidance and puts click and visibility rates into perspective
  • Meetrics determines the performance of the teasers and the intensity of the articles' impact without affecting the reader

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