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Increase your digital effectiveness

These days, with the usage of automated ad delivery, it’s difficult to maintain an overview of where individual ads actually play. With the help of Meetrics’ Ad Attention Manager you are able to verify the quality of your digital inventory, across all delivery channels. Real-time control combined with detailed information down to each placement level enable you to cut off pricey or ineffective components.

Since 2008 Meetrics supports global players of the digital media landscape, creating a transparent and more efficient online marketing eco-system.


Do not lose sight of your ads

Nearly half of all online ads are not seen, and there are many reasons why. Are you aware of how many of your ads are noticed, and which are not?

“Our partnership with Meetrics, via their intuitive dashboards, allows us to leverage ad viewablity optimisations to achieve better business outcomes for our clients.”
Ritesh Gohil, Head of Account Management,
Global Amnet Group

Real-time Advertising

Programmatic campaign optimisation

Meetrics cooperates with leading DSPs to apply solutions that allow clients to set up individual thresholds at a pre-bid level. Those ad impressions, delivered with the guaranteed viewability targeting, create the best impact around your campaign objective. Learn more in our case study.

Meetrics is the first European ad verification vendor that is accredited
for display and video ad viewability metrics by the MRC and ABC/JICWEBS.

Mobile Ad Tracking

Attention and secure setting on all devices

The digital trading system offers different delivery environments within the current situation. With Meetrics’ Ad Attention Solutions you are able to get full control of your online inventory, across all channels and settings.

Meetrics provides fully functional campaign tracking for both mobile inventory and in-app placements.

Video Verification

Make your video ads viewable

The market for online videos is growing steadily. However, due to the rapidly increasing demand for this kind of inventory, it’s quickly becoming difficult to get a clear overview. Several providers site video ads in places actually designated for display ads. These placements are usually wholly inappropriate, as the size of the player is too small or the positioning is simply unsuitable for video ads.

Using advanced video standards, Meetrics is able to measure video ads to its full extend.

Fraud Prevention

Reliable protection for your ads

The benefits of automated ad systems are clear, nevertheless they do attract cyber criminals increasingly, who try to claim your share of the advertising market using technical tricks. For example, programmed bots try to imitate human behaviour and therefore generate false traffic that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Protect your campaigns from fraudulent activities with the help of Meetrics.

Meetrics tracks down non-human traffic and fraudulent activities.

Brand Safety

Exclusive placements on appropriate pages

Finding the right advertising environment poses a challenge. Automated systems run the risk of placing your ads in a context that doesn’t match, or may even damage your brand. The Ad Attention Manager classifies and groups the digital advertising environment and identifies actual reliable channels. If considerable risk potential is detected, you will be informed immediately.

Meetrics identifies unsuitable content and shows how exclusively positioned your campaign is, for every placement.

Audience Verification

Matching your placements to your target audience

Using a single data provider, you can make sure that your ads are not only viewable, but also reach the intended audience. With Meetrics, you combine a high level of viewability with the correct user group.

In real-time, Meetrics carries out a comprehensive assessment of your target group in order to boost the advertising effect.

Ready to go on the same day you decide to start working with us

Send us your media plan today. We’ll survey it for you and create the appropriate tags. When your campaign begins we will activate your personal login for the Meetrics Ad Attention Manager. Our team will accompany you for the entire duration of the campaign and will always be on hand with help and advice.


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