Meetrics starts cooperation with Orkla Care (previously: Orkla Health). Both companies will cooperate in the field of advertising quality measurements (e.g. viewability) in campaigns of brands from Orkla Care portfolio, among which are  brands such as Soraya, Jordan or Dermika.


Warsaw, March 16th, 2020 – Originating from Scandinavia, Orkla Care SA manufactures and distributes a wide range of cosmetics, dietary supplements and food products for athletes in Scandinavia and many other European countries, including Poland. The contract between the two companies was signed for a year. Before signing they made test cooperation, measuring viewability of a campaign for one of the Orkla Care brands (Möller’s).

The cooperation will cover quality measurements of advertising space purchased on the internet. Meetrics will run them for the needs of all brands from the Orkla Care portfolio, including: Soraya, Jordan, Salvequick, Bodymax, Möller’s and Dermika.

– After a successful test period, Orkla Care chose the long-term cooperation. Our activities will include measuring the entire range of display and video campaigns, both desktop and mobile, including YouTube and Facebook campaigns. The measurements will cover areas such as: viewability, adfraud, brand safety and target group match – says Hubert Świtalski, Country Manager Meetrics.

– Cooperation with Meetrics is a natural step in the optimization of digital activities in our company. Advertising formats and online consumer behavior are changing very dynamically, hence the need to use new valuable tools that will help us improve the efficiency of reaching our consumers. Meetrics offers such tools. We are convinced that thanks to this cooperation we will be able to understand how to improve the quality of our online communication and optimize it on an ongoing basis better. It is also the important solution for partners cooperating with is who will be able to compare their measurement data with the data provided by Meetrics – explains Grzegorz Powalski, Digital Manager at Orkla Care.

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In the third quarter of 2019, the European average viewability rate for display advertising was 58 percent and for moving image advertising 83 percent.


Berlin, October 22, 2019 – In the third quarter, too, there are significant differences in ad viewability between video, display desktop and mobile in the various markets. This is the conclusion of the latest “Viewability Benchmarks” report published by Meetrics, the leading European measurement technology and data provider. The benchmark report also includes a detailed overview of individual ad formats and benchmarks for other markets in Europe. The benchmark report also shows the most common reasons for non-viewabilty by their percentage distribution. Non-optimal positions of display advertising are the most frequent reasons, followed by too rapid switches to other pages.


“More and more providers of advertising space are using technologies to ensure that digital advertising is also placed viewable. That is the good news. The challenge that is now increasingly emerging is to ensure that advertising is viewable long enough to get its message through to the user. Not every advertising message can be conveyed in a few seconds. Identifying and expanding ad spaces that meet the needs of advertisers remains a task for the entire market,” says Max von Hilgers, Managing Director and Co- Founder of Meetrics.


The complete Viewability Benchmarks, including a detailed list of different banner formats, are available to download for free. In the quarterly reports, Meetrics provides an overview of Viewability rates and average Viewability duration. The basis for Meetrics’ Viewability Benchmarks is the “50/1” guideline of the IAB and the Media Rating Council (MRC). Accordingly, at least 50% of the advertising space must have been in the visible area of the browser for at least one continuous second. For video ads, the recommendation is “50/2”, which means the video ad must have been visible for at least two seconds with at least 50% of its area.

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The Meetrics, the leading European software company for advertising measurement and analytics has been granted continued accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC). In May 2018 the toughest privacy and security law in the world was put into effect in Europe. Fighting against the growing threat for advertisers of ad fraud, Meetrics ensured that its solution with Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration functionality for Desktop & Mobile Web traffic complies the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the strict guidelines of the MRC. Meetrics’ MRC accreditation for its measurement of desktop and mobile web viewable impressions and related viewability metrics for both display and video ads was continued too.

Meetrics’ Ad Attention Manager Suite brings together four powerful components to manage the quality of ads: Viewability Check, Ad Fraud Prevention, Audience Verification and Brand Protection, the first two of which include MRC accredited metrics.

“Meetrics continues to demonstrate its industry leadership by maintaining MRC accreditation for its desktop and mobile web Viewability and SIVT solutions,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “Meetrics has been accredited by MRC since 2015 for viewability measurement, and since 2017 for SIVT detection and filtration, and this latest accreditation action provides assurance to the marketplace that Meetrics’ practices are keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

“For more than a decade, advertisers have relied on Meetrics’ analytics and measurement solutions to invest their digital marketing budgets in the most effective way.” said Max von Hilgers, Meetrics Co-Founder and Managing Director. “With our continued accreditations by the MRC, advertisers can be sure that Meetrics is providing the highest possible standard of accountability.”

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