The viewability rates of display formats rise both in Germany as well as internationally. This is a consequence of altered media consumption patterns during the COVID-19 crisis. Video advertising viewability remains unchanged.

Berlin, July 13th, 2020 – Display campaigns benefit from the less-demanded supply of long and well-visible ad placements. This is the result of the latest “Viewability Benchmarks” report published by Meetrics, the leading European measurement and analytics company for digital advertising. The benchmark report also includes a detailed overview of individual ad formats and benchmarks for other markets. The report shows common reasons for lack of visibility by percentage distribution as well as what positive and negative trends need to be taken into account on the different markets. Non-optimal positioning continues to be the most common reason for lacking ad viewability.

“The previous months had massive effects on the quality of advertising. The decreased demand for ad space at a heightened media usage facilitated improvements in ad placement quality more than ever. Our benchmark report offers important data fundamental to reaching optimal results in the deciding, third quarter.” explains Philipp von Hilgers, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Meetrics.

The complete Viewability Benchmarks, including a detailed list of different banner formats, are available to download for free. In the quarterly reports, Meetrics provides an overview of Viewability rates and average Viewability duration. The basis for Meetrics’ Viewability Benchmarks is the “50/1” guideline of the IAB and the Media Rating Council (MRC). Accordingly, at least 50 percentage of the advertising space must have been in the visible area of the browser for at least one continuous second. For video ads, the recommendation is “50/2”, which means the video ad must have been visible for at least two seconds with at least 50 percentage of its area.

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Berlin, July 1st 2020 – We are proud to announce our new partnership with InMobi to increase the open measurement capabilities of media buyers and publishers alike.

This partnership offers opportunities for all our demand partners in Europe and across the globe to strengthen viewability measurements and optimise media spend, while taking advantage of the valuable audience targeting and placement options of the InMobi Exchange. Advertisers running campaigns on InMobi Exchange can now simply choose to measure their ad viewability via Meetrics’ using OM SDK technology.

Manuel Koubek, Commercial Director of Meetrics, comments: “We are happy to partner with InMobi in mobile marketing and to advance quality and transparency in the market. The consumption of mobile media is growing by the day which is why issues such as the measurability and transparency of the resulting ad space are more important than ever.”

“Our partnership with Meetrics to support viewability on OM SDK in-app supply is a reflection of our continued efforts to provide trust and transparency for our customers,” adds Saurav Dutta, Head of Ecosystem Development and Product Partnerships, for InMobi. “We look forward to working with Meetrics to help customers reach their viewability measurement goals at scale.”

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Meetrics begins cooperation with the BrandLine Group in the field of advertising quality measurements (viewability, ad fraud and brand safety etc.). The cooperation will concern digital campaigns of all BrandLine’s brands: Overmax, Lionelo and Zeegma. The media boutique Milco, which cooperates with the BrandLine Group in the area of media purchase, will also participate in the cooperation.


Warsaw, June 24th, 2020 – BrandLine Group ( is a Polish company that has been operating in the consumer electronics, modern technologies, children’s and household appliances industries for many years. BrandLine Group products are sold in over 20 countries under three brands: Overmax (consumer electronics), Lionelo (parenting / baby care) and Zeegma (household appliances).

The contract between BrandLine and Meetrics has been signed for a year. The cooperation will cover campaigns on the Polish market. It will concern the measurement of the quality of advertising space purchased on the internet for the needs of the BrandLine’s brands. The Milco media boutique, responsible for purchasing media for the BrandLine Group, will also participate in the cooperation.

– Our activities with Meetrics will include, among others, measuring the entire range of display campaign activities, both desktop and mobile, including Facebook campaigns. The measurements will cover areas such as: viewability, ad fraud, brand safety or target group match – says Mateusz Cygan, Marketing Director BrandLine – We are convinced that the tools offered by Meetrics will allow us to optimize our digital communication activities on an ongoing basis and more effectively reach consumers interested in our products from various market categories.

– Advertising formats and consumer behavior online have always changed dynamically. During the lockdown, we also observe increased internet traffic, at an absolutely record level in the entire history of our measurements. Therefore, testing the visibility of advertisements or the level of fraud, which is always very important, now becomes even more crucial, because increased traffic does not always go along with the quality of the purchased space. We are all pleased with the contract with the Brandline Group for measuring the entire range of qualitative indicators – adds Hubert Świtalski, Country Manager Meetrics.

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