Meetrics’ Ad Attention Solution now Provides Viewability Metrics for YouTube Ads

Meetrics announces Viewability metrics reporting for YouTube across all devices

25th June 2018 – Meetrics today announced the introduction of viewability metrics reporting for YouTube Ads and Google Video Partners (GVP) across all devices. By leveraging its partnership with Google, Meetrics was able to develop a solution underpinned by privacy and security for YouTube’s end users. Viewability metrics play an important role for advertisers in the assessment of media investments.

At launch, Meetrics will offer industry standard viewability Measurement for YouTube video ads (i.e. verification of impressions that have at least 50 percent of its pixels on screen for two or more consecutive seconds). Advanced viewability metrics, including audibility and viewable time on screen, will also soon be made available.

“Meetrics is now able to provide viewability reports for advertisements running on YouTube, which is good news for our advertisers and partners,” said Philipp von Hilgers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics.

Google and YouTube continue to work alongside the leading industry bodies on viewability measurement, adding Meetrics as a further partner in this space.

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London, 23th April 2018. UK ad viewability levels have hit their highest level since records began back in the in the second quarter of 2014, according to the latest quarterly benchmark report from ad verification firm Meetrics.

In the first quarter of 2018, the proportion of banner ads served that met minimum viewability guidelines rose from 56% to 59% – the first time levels have risen for four consecutive quarters.

“It’s the highest level since our records began and four straight quarters of growth is a reliable indication the industry’s efforts to tackle viewability are paying off,” said Max von Hilgers, Meetrics’ CEO and co-founder. “Alongside this, campaigns are increasingly being optimised towards viewability and we’ve seen a drop in the number of impressions. This suggests a move towards more careful placements – a case of quality over quantity, not something the industry has historically been renowned for but an encouraging sign for the future.”

However, despite the rise, the UK still only ranks fifth among the seven other European countries in which Meetrics measures viewability. Austria (71%) leads the way while Switzerland is bottom (50%).

Ads are deemed viewable if the meet the IAB and Media Ratings Council’s recommendation that 50% of the ad is in view for at least one second.

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Meetrics now offers verification of video ads on Facebook and Instagram in addition to Facebook display inventory to offer advertisers insights on viewability for the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms.

Berlin/Hamburg – March 20th, 2018 – Independent ad verification provider Meetrics today announces an evolution in how it works with Facebook, adding video to its Ad Verification Solution to measure video viewabilty on the Facebook and Instagram. As of today, Meetrics customers can measure video ads within their social media campaigns and have the data verified. The solution works on both desktop and mobile devices.

For video measurement, the Viewability Solution from Meetrics follows the recommendations of the US-based Media Rating Council. This means that a minimum of 50 percent of a video advertisement must be visible at least 2 seconds. Meetrics solutions offers a multitude of metrics beyond this.

By expanding the Viewability Verification Solution for Facebook, advertisers will receive verified performance data and extended insights for their advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Meetrics customers receive the data in the usual reporting via its ADAM suite.

We are pleased to announce that our customers can now also verify video ads on Facebook and Instagram with our solution, in addition to display of formats. Advertisers are now able to easily understand the viewability values of all marketing measures and to quickly identify and exploit unused potential,” said Philip von Hilgers, CEO and Co-Founder of Meetrics.

Uwe Storch, Head of Media at Ferrero Germany, adds the customer perspective: “We welcome that Meetrics is now able to validate the viewability of Facebook‘s and Instagram‘s display and video ads as an independent European Ad Verification provider. It is important for us, that Viewability, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety and Audience Verification are verified in accordance with recognized standards. We also appreciate, that for the first time with Meetrics an ad verification company is partnering with Facebook, which has its headquarters not based in the US and is focusing on the special requirements of the European market. This is a promising step towards higher quality standards in digital advertising.

The Viewability Solution from Meetrics for Facebook Inventory is available worldwide.

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