First measurements across all channels show viewability rates above industry-wide benchmarks


ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, announces that it has partnered with Meetrics, a leading European software company for advertising measurement and analytics, to provide enhanced advertising campaign delivery validation for VOD advertising across ITV Hub platforms.

As part of the partnership, Meetrics provides video viewability data and reporting for ITV Hub on connected TV platforms and In-App (Android and iOS) as well as desktop and mobile web campaigns. This enriches the reporting capabilities for VOD campaigns run on ITV Hub and demonstrates the high quality of ITV’s ad inventory on metrics that are important to agencies and advertisers.

With the partnership, ITV underlines its commitment to very high transparency standards and quality controls for the benefit of its advertising customers. Meetrics is an independent vendor accredited for various services by the Media Rating Council and committed to strict privacy rules in full accordance with GDPR. With Meetrics as a partner ITV is breaking new ground by being the first broadcaster in the world to make use of the IAB Open Measurement SDK, which is considered the most rigorous standard for In-App viewability measurement. To date, average measurement for campaigns running across ITV Hub showed a viewability rate (according to the MRC definition) of 98%, which is far beyond average, compared to industry viewability benchmarks. The new viewability measurement and reporting will give advertisers huge confidence that ITV can deliver standards on human and viewability measures that outperform the VOD market.

Frank Mulhall, Head of Ad Operations at ITV said: “Partnering with Meetrics has demonstrated ITV’s commitment to verifying the value of our broadcast quality digital inventory via independent measurement. The move starts the process of raising standards for online video that only broadcasters can achieve in line with our clients’ expectations. Advertisers invest large sums in media to drive both brand and response and whilst partial viewing of ads is still seen as acceptable in some areas of digital advertising, we believe that investment means that advertising should be seen by people and seen in full.”

“Our strategic partnership will demonstrate the high quality of ITV’s video ad inventory and set new standards in viewability measurements across various channels,” said Max von Hilgers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics. “ITV is committed to give its clients full transparency over their campaign delivery and to do so it showed technological leadership by investing in their own technology stack, new industry standards, and independent measurement solutions. ITV is responding directly to what advertisers are demanding; budgets for video ads are getting larger, while video inventory, which is proven to be of high quality, is limited,” said Philipp von Hilgers, also Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics.

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In the first quarter of 2019, the European average viewability rate for display advertising was 59 percent and for moving image advertising 72 percent.


Berlin, April 29, 2019 – The trend of an increasing viewability rate in most European markets can be seen in the latest “Viewability Benchmarks” report, published by Meetrics, the leading European measurement technology and data provider. The benchmark report also contains a detailed overview of individual ad formats.

“Video advertising performs better than display advertising in terms of viewability, but it’s worth taking a closer look at display. Here, the quality variations are very large for the placements and it depends on the individual formats and providers that make the difference. Our measurements also help to achieve very good viewability rates for display advertising and in turn increase reach and branding effects,” explains Max von Hilgers, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Meetrics.


The complete Viewability Benchmarks, including a detailed list of different banner formats, are available to download for free. In the quarterly reports, Meetrics provides an overview of Viewability rates and average Viewability duration. The basis for Meetrics’ Viewability Benchmarks is the “50/1” guideline of the IAB and the Media Rating Council (MRC). At least 50% of the advertising space must have been in the visible area of the browser for at least one continuous second. For video ads, the recommendation is “50/2”, which means the video ad must have been viewable for at least two seconds with at least 50% of its area.

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Former Sellbranch Programmatic Director Marcus Ericson becomes Meetrics’ new Country Manager Nordics.


Over the last two years, Meetrics has established itself on the Nordic markets as the ad verification market industry leader. Marcus Ericson will lead the office in Stockholm to drive the development of the Nordic markets further.

Max von Hilgers, CEO and co-founder of Meetrics, is pleased about the new team member in this area: “With Marcus we have gained a new colleague with more than twelve years of experience in the digital media business. With his support, we hope for more external awareness and attention for our work. The Nordics are a very important and quickly developing market for us. We believe that he is the right match for our clients and that he will efficiently and effectively take care of the on-site processes.”

Meetrics’ new Country Manager Ericson adds “With a good foundation already existing, I look forward to bring Meetrics to the next level in the Nordic region. With the local presence and strong team based in Berlin I believe we have the perfect match to build a stronger position in the Nordic countries”.


Since 2008, Meetrics is providing solutions to enhance the quality of online marketing, contributing to a more transparent and effective digital ecosystem. In addition to measuring the viewability of online ads, Meetrics provides control over advertising environments, audiences, and fraudulent ad placements. Meetrics is the first European company to be accredited by the most relevant industry body, the Media Rating Council, for Sophisticated Fraud Detection and also for Mobile Web and In-App Viewability measurements. Global leading companies trust Meetrics’ products and services.

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