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24 April 2020

Meetrics Report: in Q1, the visibility of display ads in Poland fell below 50%, contrary to European trends

Since the beginning of 2020, the indicator of viewability, i.e. visibility of display ads, has decreased in Poland to 48%. At the same time, the viewability of video ads increased by 4 p.p. and reached 78% in the first quarter. Thus, the Polish video ad visibility indicators follow the international average, as opposed to display campaign visibility indicators. Read More


23 April 2020

The viewability of display ads in Poland fell below 50% in the first quarter of this year

Since the beginning of 2020, the viewability indicator (ad visibility) display has fallen to 48% in Poland. At the same time, the visibility of video ads increased by 4 percentage points and in the first quarter of this year reached 78%. – According to a survey by Meetrics. Read More

22 April 2020

Display advertising breaks through the “invisibility cloak” during the pandemic

Overlapping the pandemic are not only absolutely dire consequences but also a whole plethora of opportunities (for those eager to catch them).

The coronavirus seems to be having a beneficial effect on the visibility of online advertising for the time being. This is at least the result of a recent study carried out by Meetrics in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland. Read More


22 April 2020

Adrino introduces Commercial Break formats for visible views

Adrino’s native and rich media advertising network has announced the launch of new Commercial Break products that provide high viewability rates. The new format will be accounted for in the vCPM (view cost per mille) model. This means that customers will pay only for the page views of the advertisement that will actually appear on the screens of fixed and mobile devices. […] Test measurements of Commercial Break formats from Adrino using Meetrics methodology give viewability results at the level of 90%. Read More


10 March 2020

Meetrics will measure the quality of Orkla Care’s online advertising

Orkla Care, which manages brands such as Soraya, Jordan and Dermika, has started a partnership with Meetrics, which will measure the quality of online advertising in its brands’ campaigns.

The contract between the companies was signed for a year. It was preceded by a test collaboration, during which Meetrics measured the viewability of Möller’s brand campaigns. Read More


4 November 2019

New video advertising standards on Wirtualna Polska

WP introduces the “3×100” offer, in which the video ads are 100% visible […], i.e. seen to the end. This is the first such offer among Polish online publishers. At the same time, it is another innovation after the introduction of the viewability indicator and establishing the cooperation with Meetrics, which makes the campaigns carried out on Wirtualna Polska more credible. Read More


24 July 2019

MRC Continues Meetrics’ Accreditation for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration and for Desktop and Mobile Web Viewability Measurement

Berlin – Meetrics, the leading European software company for advertising measurement and analytics, has been granted contiuned accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC). In May 2018 the thoughest privacy and security law in the world was put into effect in Europe. Read More

5 July 2019

Facing pressure from US tech platforms, UK broadcasters’ battle for VOD heats up 

The battle between broadcasters for advertising budgets in the U.K. is shifting from linear TV to video-on-demand. Sky, ITV and Channel 4 are accelerating efforts to make their own VOD services more compelling for advertisers, and stave off the threat of tech platforms YouTube, Facebook and increasingly Amazon. Read More

27 June 2019

ITV strives for viewability transparency with Meetrics partnership 

ITV is to firm up its advertisement measurement and analytics reporting by forming a new partnership with Meetrics to improve viewability metrics for video on demand advertising across ITV Hub. Meetrics will provide video viewability data for the catch-up service across all platforms and apps as part of efforts to improve transparency with agencies and advertisers. Read More

23 July 2018

Despite viewability crackdown just two thirds of UK display ads meet minimum guidelines

Despite a focus from household brands and trade bodies on upping viewability, just under two-thirds of UK display ads are meeting the minimum guidelines set by the Media Ratings Council (MRC). As per the widely-accepted standards, online ads are only deemed viewable if at least 50% of their surface appears in the visible area of browser for at least one second.  Read More


28 June 2018

Meetrics’ Ad Attention Solution Now Provides Viewability Metrics for YouTube Ads

London – Meetrics today announced the introduction of viewability metrics reporting for YouTube Ads and Google Video Partners (GVP) across all devices. By leveraging its partnership with Google, Meetrics was able to develop a solution underpinned by privacy and security for YouTube’s end users. Viewability metrics play an important role for advertisers in the assessment of media investments. Read More

Research Live

26 June 2018

Meetrics to offer YouTube Ad Viewability Measurement

Ad verification firm Meetrics has introduced viewability metrics reporting for YouTube Ads and Google Video Partners. The move will offer advertisers standard viewability measurement – that is, verification of ads that are at least 50% viewable for two or more seconds – for YouTube video adverts. Read More

12 June 2018

Beauty contest Iab: comScore, Ias e Meetrics per misurare la qualità della pubblicità dei siti

Sono comScore, Integral Ad Science e Meetrics le società che certificheranno la qualità dell’offerta pubblicitaria dei siti web nel progetto lanciato da Iab Italia lo scorso anno. Si tratta di tutti i soggetti che hanno partecipato al beauty contest dello Iab, dal momento che alcuni non hanno nemmeno potuto accedere perché non avevano i requisiti, come la sede in Italia. Read More

27 April 2018

Viewability Record in UK; IAB Tech Lab Acquires DigiTrust

ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: New Viewability Record in UK; IAB Tech Lab Acquires DigiTrust; MetaX Releases adChain Whitelist; USD$8m (£5.7m) Funding for Appodeal; and Fraudlogix & PubNative Partnership. Read more

23 April 2018

UK claws back lost ground as ad viewability measure sets new record

UK ad viewability statistics have registered a welcome increase in the latest survey to be compiled by ad verification firm Meetrics for its latest quarterly benchmark report, capping a run of upward movements. Read More

21 March 2018

Facebook & Instagram submit to Meetrics video viewability verification

Nu kan du få tredjepartsmätningar för video från världens ledande mobila annonsplattformar, Facebook och Instagram med Meetrics. Så att du får mer tillförlitlig statistik för annonsmätningarna. Read More

20 March 2018

Facebook & Instagram submit to Meetrics video viewability verification

Facebook and its junior stablemate Instagram are to both submit their video viewability stats for verification by Meetrics, the first non-US firm to be granted the ability to do so. Read More


01 March 2018

Making Your Ads Seen or How to Improve Your Ad Viewability

Today’s technologies deliver the advertising message right to potential customers, thanks to high-precision targeting. But how can one effectively deliver information to the customer?
The question that’s in the air now is such a criteria as viewability. Ads which are actually viewed by the customer are surely important to any advertiser. Read more


02 February 2018

Adrino rozpoczyna współpracę z Meetrics w zakresie pomiaru widoczności reklamy

Adrino, wiodąca sieć reklamy mobilnej w Polsce, rozpoczyna współpracę w zakresie weryfikacji widoczności reklam (Viewability) z firmą Meetrics, dostawcą rozwiązań do weryfikacji i poprawy widoczności, jakości oraz skuteczności kampanii reklamowych.  Read more

26 January 2018

UK Viewability Figures Rise – Meetrics’ Viewability Benchmarks for the fourth quarter of 2017

UK ad viewability levels have hit their highest level in three and a half years. According to the latest quarterly benchmark report from ad-verification company Meetrics, the proportion of banner ads served at minimum viewability standard increased from 52% to 56% in the final quarter of 2017. Read more

26 January 2018

UK Ad-Viewability reaches highest level since 2014

A recent upward trend in ad viewability has continued with the ley metric now at its highest level since the second quarter of 2014, according to the latest report from ad verification platform Meetrics. Read More

29 November 2017

Facebook brings in Meetrics as first international viewability partner

Facebook has chosen Meetrics as its first viewability partner from outwith the US as it continues to work on improving advertiser confidence in its figures following revelations that it had claimed an adverts reached more people than official census data. Read more

29 November 2017

5 tips – så kravställer du för brand safety

I mars stormade det kraftigt kring Youtube gällande bristande säkerhet för varumärken. Du som är marknadschef, har du nu koll på hur din mediebyrå eller programmatiska specialister kvalitetssäkrar era programmatiska köp? Och vet du hur du ska kravställa för att garantera din varumärkeskontext? Read more

13 November 2017

Visibilité stable pour le display et la vidéo en France d’après Meetrics

Le taux de visibilité des campagnes de display en France progresse d’un point au Q3 2017. Pour le troisième trimestre de l’année 2017, 59% des publicités en ligne ont atteint le seuil minimal de visibilité selon la norme MRC en France, se positionnant 4 points au-dessus de la moyenne internationale (55%). Read more

10 November 2017

45 proc. budżetów digital jest wydawana nieefektywnie. W jakie formaty warto inwestować?

Z opublikowanego właśnie przez firmę Meetrics międzynarodowego raportu „Viewability Benchmark Report” dotyczącego widoczności reklam wynika, że w III kwartale znacznie wzrósł na polskim rynku średni czas kontaktu z reklamą (do 27,5 sekundy). Średnia widoczność reklam natomiast zmniejszyła się nieznacznie (do 55 proc.). Read more

8 November 2017

Meetrics ottiene l’accreditamento del Media Rating Council

Meetrics, società che fornisce un’intera suite di servizi di ad verification a clienti in tutto il mondo, ha ricevuto l’accreditamento del Media Rating Council (MRC) per ulteriori competenze nella misurazione. Con l’ad fraud che sta diventando una vera e propria minaccia per gli inserzionisti, Meetrics ha sviluppato una soluzione per prevenire la segnalazione di Traffico Non Valido e ottenuto l’accreditamento MRC per il rilevamento e la filtrazione della Sophisticated IVT per il traffico web su desktop e mobile. Read more

3 November 2017

Meetrics in European MRC Accreditation ‘First’

Ad visibility analyst Meetrics has been granted full accreditation by the US-based Media Rating Council (MRC), across both anti-fraud and viewability, including in-app environments. The firm says it is the first in Europe with this combination of awards. Read more

27 October 2017

UK ad viewability figures are increasing

Ad viewability levels for display ads in the UK rose in Q2 2017, marking the first viewability increase in nine months, according to the latest quarterly figures from ad verification company Meetrics. In the second quarter, the percentage of banner ads served in the UK that met minimum viewability guidelines rose to 51%, up from 47% the previous quarter. Read more

26 October 2017

Meetrics: in Italia il 68% degli annunci è viewable

Il Viewability Benchmark Report della società di misurazione rivela che rispetto ai più grandi mercati europei il nostro paese è al primo posto in termini di visibilità della pubblicità digitale. La durata della visualizzazione si attesta sui 24,4 secondi. Il Country Manager, Simone Fortunato: «Dati molto incoraggianti per l’industria» Read more

26 October 2017

Launch of Gold Standard Is a Positive Step, But More Still Needs Doing

In an effort to raise standards in digital advertising, and address key issues facing the industry, the IAB UK is launching the ‘IAB Gold Standard’ initiative, comprising three primary actions that media owners can take. Read more

23 October 2017

Power of Programmatic by Yume : état des lieux et acteurs du marché de la video

Le 18 octobre se tenait le Petit-déjeuner Yume sur le programmatique et la vidéo. Read more

16 October 2017

Meetrics cresce in Italia con il Country Manager Simone Fortunato. La società: “Raddoppiati i ricavi”

Debutto positivo quello di Meetrics in Italia. La società tedesca specializzata nella misurazione della qualità e della trasparenza del digital marketing ha inaugurato la branch italiana a febbraio, e in pochi mesi ha messo a segno un’importante crescita. Read more

20 September 2017

“Vi måste sluta rätta vår egen hemläxa”

GÄSTKRÖNIKA. Jonas Jonsborg, Nordenchef på Meetrics, sammanfattar Dmexco och förklarar varför P&G:s tal var det viktigaste. Read more

9 August 2017

Rośnie widoczność reklam online. Jak wypada Polska?

Opublikowano m raport “Viewability Benchmark Report”, przygotowywany cyklicznie przez firmę Meetrics, który po raz pierwszy objął także rynek polski. Również po raz pierwszy twórcy raportu przyjrzeli się widoczności reklam wideo oraz różnicom w widoczności reklam kupowanych bezpośrednio i reklam kupowanych “automatycznie” (programmatic buying). Read more

1 August 2017

UK Display Ad Viewability Rate Rose Above 50% in Q2

Ad viewability levels for display ads in the UK rose in Q2 2017, marking the first viewability increase in nine months, according to the latest quarterly figures from ad verification company Meetrics. In the second quarter, the percentage of banner ads served in the UK that met minimum viewability guidelines rose to 51%, up from 47% the previous quarter. Read more

31 July 2017

Online ad viewability shoots up to highest level in over a year

The latest quarterly survey of UK ad viewability levels has registered the first uptick in nine months to propel the benchmark index to its highest level in over a year. Compiled by verification firm Meetrics, the figures show that between April and June the proportion of adverts meeting minimum viewability criteria jumped from 47% to 51% … Read more

27 July 2017

Brand safety: Meetrics intégrée à SpotX

La plateforme de monétisation vidéo SpotX annonce l’intégration de la solution de brand safety de la PME européenne  Meetrics. Des données de vérification des inventaires et du comportement des audiences seront ainsi mises à disposition des annonceurs vidéo au niveau mondial. Read more

23 July 2017

Viewability för Sverige sjunker och 36 procent av alla displayannonser visas inte

Den senaste benchmarkrapporten från Meetrics visar att viewability sjunker under andra kvartalet 2018. Med ett värde om 64% är genomsnittlig viewability något lägre än föregående kvartal. Den senaste rapporten visar att i genomsnitt 64% av alla displayannonser blir sedda. Read more

15 July 2017

Meetrics and SpotX partner for video audience verification and attention data

Video ad serving platform SpotX and ad vertification vendor Meetrics have announced they are teaming up to provide additional inventory verification and audience behaviour data for video advertisers around the globe. Read more

4 July 2017

SpotX, inventory video più trasparenti grazie a un accordo con Meetrics

SpotX e Meetrics uniscono le forze per offrire alle aziende in Europa e nel mondo nuovi strumenti per misurare la qualità delle inventory video e il comportamento degli utenti. I dati di Meetrics verranno integrati all’interno della piattaforma di SpotX per i publisher, per fornire ai brand inserzionisti informazioni su viewability, qualità delle inventory e comportamento degli utenti. Read more

19 June 2017

Meetrics wchodzi do Polski. Tomasz Piątkowski został Country Managerem

Na polski rynek wchodzi Meetrics, firma zajmująca się internetowymi kampaniami reklamowymi. Biurem firmy w Polsce pokieruje – na stanowisku Country Managera – Tomasz Piątkowski, dotychczasowy członek zarządu i Chief Digital Officer GroupM. Read more

22 May 2017

Mohamed Laaouissi, Country Manager France de Meetrics

Anciennement Country Manager chez Dataxu, Mohamed Laaouissi rejoint les équipes de Meetrics et dirigera toutes les activités en cours pour la France depuis le bureau de Paris. Read more

3 May 2017

Mobile pushes down ad viewability levels

The growth in mobile adspend is contributing to a decline in ad viewability levels, according to the latest quarterly benchmark report from Meetrics. The proportion of banner ads meeting minimum viewability guidelines fell from 49% to 47% in the first quarter of 2017 – the lowest level in nine months. Read more

8 March 2017

Facebook signs on Meetrics as another third-party measurement partner
Meetrics has joined ComScore, Nielsen, Integral Ad Science and Moat as a third-party measurement partner for Facebook. Meetrics will offer advertisers new options to verify the viewability and view duration of their campaigns on Facebook services. Read more

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