Meetrics begins cooperation with BrandLine in the area of measuring the quality of online advertising space

Meetrics begins cooperation with the BrandLine Group in the field of advertising quality measurements (viewability, ad fraud and brand safety etc.). The cooperation will concern digital campaigns of all BrandLine’s brands: Overmax, Lionelo and Zeegma. The media boutique Milco, which cooperates with the BrandLine Group in the area of media purchase, will also participate in the cooperation.


Warsaw, June 24th, 2020 - BrandLine Group (www.brandlinegroup.com) is a Polish company that has been operating in the consumer electronics, modern technologies, children's and household appliances industries for many years. BrandLine Group products are sold in over 20 countries under three brands: Overmax (consumer electronics), Lionelo (parenting / baby care) and Zeegma (household appliances).

The contract between BrandLine and Meetrics has been signed for a year. The cooperation will cover campaigns on the Polish market. It will concern the measurement of the quality of advertising space purchased on the internet for the needs of the BrandLine’s brands. The Milco media boutique, responsible for purchasing media for the BrandLine Group, will also participate in the cooperation.

- Our activities with Meetrics will include, among others, measuring the entire range of display campaign activities, both desktop and mobile, including Facebook campaigns. The measurements will cover areas such as: viewability, ad fraud, brand safety or target group match - says Mateusz Cygan, Marketing Director BrandLine - We are convinced that the tools offered by Meetrics will allow us to optimize our digital communication activities on an ongoing basis and more effectively reach consumers interested in our products from various market categories.

- Advertising formats and consumer behavior online have always changed dynamically. During the lockdown, we also observe increased internet traffic, at an absolutely record level in the entire history of our measurements. Therefore, testing the visibility of advertisements or the level of fraud, which is always very important, now becomes even more crucial, because increased traffic does not always go along with the quality of the purchased space. We are all pleased with the contract with the Brandline Group for measuring the entire range of qualitative indicators - adds Hubert Świtalski, Country Manager Meetrics.

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