Meetrics Viewability Benchmarks Q2/2019: The Winner and Loser Ad Formats and Channels in the Third Quarter of 2019

In the third quarter of 2019, the European average viewability rate for display advertising was 58 percent and for moving image advertising 83 percent.


Berlin, October 22, 2019 – In the third quarter, too, there are significant differences in ad viewability between video, display desktop and mobile in the various markets. This is the conclusion of the latest "Viewability Benchmarks" report published by Meetrics, the leading European measurement technology and data provider. The benchmark report also includes a detailed overview of individual ad formats and benchmarks for other markets in Europe. The benchmark report also shows the most common reasons for non-viewabilty by their percentage distribution. Non-optimal positions of display advertising are the most frequent reasons, followed by too rapid switches to other pages.


“More and more providers of advertising space are using technologies to ensure that digital advertising is also placed viewable. That is the good news. The challenge that is now increasingly emerging is to ensure that advertising is viewable long enough to get its message through to the user. Not every advertising message can be conveyed in a few seconds. Identifying and expanding ad spaces that meet the needs of advertisers remains a task for the entire market," says Max von Hilgers, Managing Director and Co- Founder of Meetrics.


The complete Viewability Benchmarks, including a detailed list of different banner formats, are available to download for free. In the quarterly reports, Meetrics provides an overview of Viewability rates and average Viewability duration. The basis for Meetrics' Viewability Benchmarks is the "50/1" guideline of the IAB and the Media Rating Council (MRC). Accordingly, at least 50% of the advertising space must have been in the visible area of the browser for at least one continuous second. For video ads, the recommendation is "50/2", which means the video ad must have been visible for at least two seconds with at least 50% of its area.

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