Meetrics and SpotX kick-off new collaboration for more viewability, brand safety and fraud prevention on video inventary

The partnership between Ad Verification vendor Meetrics and video ad serving platform SpotX is going to boost the quality for video advertising on the international market. Resulting from this collaboration the Berlin based company enhances it’s engagement against fraudulent activities and for more brand-compliant environments.

Berlin/Denver, xx May 2017 – From today on Meetrics will measure SpotX services to increase transparency and to eliminate non-human traffic from video advertising inventory. SpotX invests heavily in a number of market-leading solutions to tighten controls around brand safety/traffic quality, including internal technology and leveraging the capabilities of independent, third-party vendors, like Meetrics.

Anant Joshi, Director International Business at Meetrics says: „The engagement to eliminate fraudulent activities and to find new technical solutions for doing this is the common denominator of our both companies. We are very much looking forward to partner with SpotX. Togehter we want to utilize technical solutions to activliy minimize traffic of inferior quality and to provide a consistent quality level for all customers.“

Jeremy Straight, SVP of strategic partnerships at SpotX: „SpotX employs a variety of methods and technology to actively remove low-quality traffic and to ensure buyers are accessing high-quality, brand safe inventory.  As biggest platform for video advertising we have to provide our clients with controlable system for excluding fraudulent and non-human traffic. With Meetrics we can guarantee our clients to reach their corporate goals and to increase their ROI. Meetrics acts as reliable partner who is taking a big responsibility to include new standards to the branche. Therefore we are very looking forward to work closely with Berlin team.“

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