Meetrics’ Ad Verification Solution Now Includes Facebook

Advertisers can now have the viewability of display inventory offered by Facebook validated by Ad Verification provider Meetrics. With the partnership, Facebook underlines it’s commitment to working with industry leaders like Meetrics around the world to advance the quality of advertising measurement.


Berlin/Hamburg, 29th November 2017 – As of today, advertisers can rely on Meetrics' proven Ad Verification solution to get validated data from their Facebook campaigns – on desktop and mobile devices. The solution aligns with the viewability definitions of the US Media Rating Council, plus offers additional definitions based on 50% and 100% of the visible area of the ad.


Meetrics uses a privacy safe, server-to-server solution that delivers campaign data for all relevant viewability signals. The data undergoes an automated verification and is prepared for retrieval in Meetrics' Ad Attention Manager. For Meetrics customers, the measured data can be viewed and processed in the familiar reporting environment of the ADAM-Suite. This way, Meetrics‘ Viewability measurement on Facebook display inventory provides a holistic picture of the success of advertising campaigns.


"We are very pleased that the development of the ad verification solution for Facebook display inventory has progressed successfully, and can now be released. It gives advertisers important insights to make informed media decisions, "said Philipp von Hilgers, CEO and Co-Founder of Meetrics. "And we won‘t not stop here. With this first solution we now have built the foundation to the next step for verifying more Facebook inventories, like video", continues von Hilgers.


Martin Ott, Managing Europe Central Europe at Facebook comments: “Our commitment to third-party measurement and verification is clear, we first started working with third-party measurement partners in 2008. Today, we are very happy to add Meetrics to this set, our 25th partner globally and the first viewability measurement partner to come from outside the US. We are looking forward to working with clients to deliver the most accurate metrics possible.

The Viewability Solution from Meetrics for Facebook is available worldwide. Meetrics is actively working to measure video inventory on Facebook in the near future.

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