See here how Meetrics measures the viewability of an ad
How does it work?

You can navigate on this sample page in a similar way to any other website. Your scrolling behaviour on this demo page will affect the viewability of the video ad, the Superbanner and Skycraper ad.

*Attention: The test area will not be shown on mobile devices.

Viewable Impression – Viewability of the online ad!

When opening this page the Superbanner is fully viewable*, this means that 100% of the area is visible within the browser window. The video and the skyscraper ad is only partially viewable, because it is placed in the lower part of the page. You have to press the “play” button to activate the video measurement.

The proportion of the advertising space which is visible in the browser window, is shown in the box on the left as a percentage. The viewability shares may change while navigating the website.



As long as the ad is viewable, the viewtime is measured in seconds. The timer is interrupted when the user opens a different application or another program on the computer.


No timekeeping when user is inactive

No viewtime is assumed once the user in this demonstration has shown no activity for 15 seconds (no click, no mouse movement, no scrolling, etc.).

In actual measurements, the threshold for the inactivity is set to 60 seconds.

In this way, the user is given sufficient time to use a website or read it by only looking.

viewability measurement
Super Banner 61.2s 100%
Time Share ≥ 50% visible
Skyscraper 94.0s 100%

Viewable Impression - the currency of the future

Advertisers strive for the “Viewable Impression” as a mandatory, unified standard across all publishers. Visibility has replaced just the mere delivery as proof of performance. Advertisers get more detailed information about the effectiveness of their campaigns – and therefore have more possibilities to optimize them. Publishers can discover what value their inventory generates and are able to give their customers valid performance credentials. In the long run there will be fewer display ads – but with a much better performance than is the case today; quality over quantity.


Patrik Paroubek
Senior Sales Manager DACH

Meetrics GmbH – Headquarters Berlin
Alexanderstraße 7 · DE-10178 Berlin

Patrik Paroubek
Senior Sales Manager DACH

Meetrics GmbH – Headquarters Berlin
Alexanderstraße 7 · DE-10178 Berlin