Meetrics is an official partner of the IAB Italy

Winner of the Beauty Contest

Meetrics won the so-called “Beauty Contest” by the IAB Italy and is now the official partner in the field of publisher inventory qualification. The contest was open to all companies whose online advertising evaluation activities are certified by a leading international certification body including the MRC, the ABC, the JICWEBS, the CESP
and the AIM.

Why we won? 

We demonstrated, that we own proprietary technologies that allow us i.g. to:
– measure viewability rates on the largest number of formats
– detect and filter fraudulent traffic, even of a sophisticated origin
– identify and filter illegal and potentially dangerous content for brands

We also proven international experience and the ability or provide benchmarks on a quaterly basis. 

“The decision is the result of a careful analysis conducted in the recent months, also assisted by EY.  It was about testing suppliers’ ability to own and provide us with the specifications needed to carry out such an ambitious project. But more than ever, it is changing the certification of the quality of digital advertising in Italian publishing.”
– CARLO NOSEDA // President IAB Italy


What that means for the industry:

The IAB and Meetrics are now official partners in the field of publisher inventory qualification and directly involved in the definition of criteria supporting this qualification. Together we are eager to find solutions to validate quality of traffic according to the LEAN principles by the IAB Italy. 


The project now comes alive through the definition of the measurement methods of the following KPIs: 

  • Viewability
  • Brand Safety
  • Ad Fraud
  • Ad Clutter


In the next steps a rate will be assigned to evaluate the publisher’s inventory regarding each of these KPIs. Each of these values ​​will then flow into the construction of the final index – IAB Quality Index – which will certify the overall quality of online publishers.

For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

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