GroupM Germany and Meetrics record ad refreshes in a joint pilot project

Duesseldorf and Berlin 23.09.2020 - GroupM Germany as the largest media agency network in Germany and the leading European measurement and analysis company, Meetrics, are launching a joint pilot project for the use of ad refreshes in advertising campaigns. Within the scope of the corresponding study, for the first time worldwide it will be analyzed at this level of detail whether an ad impression is automatically updated and replaced by another ad impression during a website visit. Meetrics thereby captures various dimensions of ad-refresh, such as the interval length and the placement on a website. The aim of this pilot study is to shed light on its impact on an ad’s viewability and advertising effect.

Many website operators or their ad servers fill digital advertising spaces several times during a single page visit, which can potentially affect the ability to convey advertising messages. The basis for this approach is the attempt of the "Coalition for Better Ads" to reduce website clutter. A goal that both GroupM Germany and Meetrics welcome.

However, advertisers and media agencies have little transparency and control over the exact implementation of these practices. Based on the pilot project of GroupM Germany and Meetrics, initial solutions can now be developed that involve marketers and publishers to develop sustainable and effective standards.

Meanwhile, the cooperation was expanded to include Xandr as a trading desk over the course of this pilot project. This means that joint customers - GroupM includes agencies such as Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker and Essence - will not only be able to obtain transparency regarding the use of Ad-Refresh, but if so desired will also be able to select inventories so that Ad-Refresh can be controlled in the future.

"Our quality management will benefit significantly in the future from the ability to make Ad-Refresh visible directly in the Xandr DSP. Analyzed inventories will become manageable in real time and unwanted ad refreshes can be avoided. For advertisers, this means an important plus in transparency to actively optimize their media quality," says Konstantinos Papadatos Fragkos, Consultant Quality & Brand Safety at GroupM Germany.

"We are pleased to have developed a tool together with Meetrics that gives our advertising clients an overview of the fragmented advertising market. Transparency about ad refresh practices is essential for us to work on common quality standards with our partners on the marketer side", explains Jörn Strehlau, Managing Director GroupM.

"We are pleased to provide advertisers and agencies with an important control and monitoring tool to ensure that advertising media achieve their full impact and that ad refreshes do not inadvertently become a limiting factor. This allows a more precise link to be drawn between budget and advertising impact.” adds Philipp von Hilgers, Managing Director & Co-Founder Meetrics.


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