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Meetrics’ Ad Verification Solution now includes YouTube

Is your ad actually seen on YouTube?

Meetrics has been an official Google Measurement Partner for YouTube since June 25, 2018 when it comes to viewability metrics. Our Viewability solution leverages Google’s Ads Data Hub, elevates Viewability metrics across devices, and meets today’s data protection needs – in Europe and around the world!

It can therefore be used in all markets and the data can also be viewed here in our ADAM Suite. Our viewability solution can be applied to all VideoAds as well as to all end devices. This will give us maximum media plan coverage.

With the launch of the solution, Meetrics offers a viewability measurement of YouTube video ads that comply with industry standards (such as the verification of impressions, where at least 50 percent of the pixels are displayed on the screen for at least two consecutive seconds).

In addition, viewability metrics that track whether the sound of the video ad is turned on or off and that raise the viewtime will also be available soon.

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