Meetrics’ Ad Verification Solution now includes Facebook & Instagram

Make sure that your campaigns on Facebook are seen!

Our Viewability Solution provides validated viewability data according to the MRC-standards that are not available in Facebook and Instagram reportings. Meetrics’ data enables Advertisers to evaluate their Facebook campaigns based on much higher and more significant quality criteria as 100% pixels in view and viewtimes up to 10 seconds what leads to a more transparent and wide reporting.

Meetrics Viewability Solution adds all relevant KPIs to your reporting, to ensure a holisitc overview of the success of your campaign.

Maximum media plan coverage

Meetrics Facebook Solution includes the measurements for display- & video ads on desktop and in-app as well as the measurement of all ad formats on Instagram. This allows us to tailor the measurements appropriate for your campaigns to provide a holistic picture of the success of your digital advertising activities.

Meetrics Viewability Check
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Measure the success of your Facebook campaigns

With our Viewability Solution Advertisers can choose different viewability definitions based on quality criteria that surpass the MRC recommendations. This provides customized measurements for each campaign.

Meetrics has built a unique validation process based upon two stages. This multi-stage approach enables Meetrics to provide an end-to-end verification for your campaigns. Meetrics uses a privacy safe, server-to-server solution that delivers campaign data for all relevant viewability signals.

Uwe Storch, Head of Media at Ferrero, adds the customer perspective:

We welcome that Meetrics is now able to validate the viewability of Facebook‘s and Instagram‘s display and video ads as an independent European Ad Verification provider. It is important for us, that Viewability, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety and Audience Verification are verified in accordance with recognized standards. We also appreciate, that for the first time with Meetrics an ad verification company is partnering with Facebook, which has its headquarters not based in the US and is focusing on the special requirements of the European market. This is a promising step towards higher quality standards in digital advertising.

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