Meetrics DMEXCO special: 12 Month Fraud Prevention for free!!!

With every new Viewability contract which is signed until 30. November 2018, the Meetrics DMEXCO special allows you to use our FRAUD PREVENTION Solution 12 months for free!

All you have to do is to send us a message with the hashtag: #DMEXCOADFRAUDSPECIAL





Protect your online ads from fraudulent activity

Using technical tricks, bots try to claim parts of the advertising budget. They mimic human behavior and generate artificial traffic that would not actually exist but incurs huge costs for advertisers. This so-called ad fraud causes millions worth of damage every year.

Sign up here to our DMEXCO Fraud Special:

Send us a message and mention the hashtag: #DMEXCOADFRAUDSPECIAL

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Constantin Bohn
Sales Director

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Constantin Bohn, Sales Director