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Benefits of validated audience data

Written by Jonas Kuhnle, Product Owner Data Platform

Making sure your adverts are seen by the right people online is becoming increasingly difficult. One way to control ad placements for the desired target audience is to contract directly with publishers who promise a certain make-up of their audience. In doing so, advertisers are relying on claims made by the sell-side. This information is becoming less and less reliable for several reasons.

Shifts in data protection legislation, e.g. the EUs GDPR & Digital Services Act, change the volume and consistency of publishers’ data. Privacy initiatives of large platforms like Apple and Google concentrate an increasing share of audience data in the hands of a small number of global actors. The prevalence of federated solutions is heavily restricted as the use tracking cookies becomes more and more regulated.
Independent consumer panels set out to tackle these problems and provide the media and advertising industry with relevant consumer insights. Advertisers and agencies often use their modulated panel data to identify target demographics or test a campaign’s impact on shopping behaviour. This predicted data is more reliable than what’s offered by the sell-side yet it is equally non-specific to a particular brand campaign or simply too far down the funnel to influence active campaign management. Hence, consumer panels partner with ad verification vendors to bring together audience and ad event data. The combined results show demographics and audience segments which were exposed to a certain ad.

Meetrics is able to offer such insights completely within the framework of the GDPR by cooperating with various consumer panels. During sign-up, the panelists consent to share their browsing habits with Meetrics. Whenever a Meetrics-verified ad session is started by a panelist, we record their relevant characteristics alongside the placement’s viewability data. We model the panel data to allow a level comparison with the general online population. Once we have gathered enough data, we aggregate the results so that no personal information can be inferred. This validated audience data can be accessed using our real-time dashboard and reports which may be used to interfere and readjust active campaigns for better results. Armed with reliable insights, our advertising clients are able to challenge the claims of their counterparts on the sell-side and actively manage their target group match.
Likewise, leading European publishers are partnering with Meetrics to improve the quality of their information. Hence, validating audience data is not only in the interest of advertisers and agencies but also nurtures a more transparent and high quality market.

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