Meetrics Advanced Video Metrics

Meetrics is a pioneer in video viewability. Our ad verification solution comprises many different systems that interlock to ensure that brand advertising can develop its full effect. The latest invention is Advanced Video Metrics, which can set much higher quality standards for digital video ads than international measurement standards.

A lot of time and energy is still invested in indicators and reporting that are not very meaningful. Meaningful KPIs, such as Meetrics Advanced Video Metrics, promote transparency and optimise the impact of digital advertising.

With the new Advanced Video Metrics, the effectiveness of brand advertising can be significantly optimised. Display duration and area can be flexibly adjusted to campaign goals for visible impressions. For each commercial, it is also possible to verify whether the ad was audible, visible and played in full length.

Download the Video Verification OnePager now to learn where Advanced Video Metrics can be used and what else our Video Verification solution can do.