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Viewability Benchmark Q3/2016

In the following you find the latest figures of Meetrics Viewability Benchmark for the International market. The data is based on the definition of Viewability from the IAB and the Media Rating Council (50/1).

Complete Report

56 percent

Viewability Rate

29.2 sec


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News Attention Monitor

Meetrics also offers a solution specifically designed for news portals, which shows the activities of your readers in real-time. Find out which teasers and articles really interest your audience.



Viewability Benchmark Report Q4 / 2016

UK advertisers spent about £606 million on online ads last year that didn’t meet minimum viewability thresholds, according to the latest quarterly benchmark report from ad verification company Meetrics.

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Five ways automotive can save £105 million in wasted advertising

Automotive advertisers are now the third biggest spenders in the UK on online banner and video ads, splashing just over £250 million annually. However, they’re wasting about 42% of this – £105m – on ads that never have the chance to be seen in the first place.

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Viewability Benchmark Report Q3/2016

For the second consecutive quarter, less than half of online ads served in the UK met minimum viewability thresholds – costing advertisers around £154 million, based on IAB/PwC’s Adspend figures published last week.

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Digital Media World 2016

Meet Meetrics’ Co-Founder and Director Product Felix Badura at the Digital Media World 2016 in Vienna. Together with André Eckert (COO, austria.com/plus) he will speak on “Ad Viewability as a currency – chances and risks for publishers”, October 11th at 11:30.

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Meetrics receives third funding round

Meetrics, Europe’s leading provider of comprehensive reviews of the quality of digital advert placements, has successfully completed its third round of funding. Two well-known experts in the ad-tech industry, Thomas Falk (eValue) and Ronald Paul (Muzungu Capital), are the newest members to join the company’s partners.

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Platform161 and Meetrics partner to offer guaranteed viewability at a pre-bid level

Platform161 & Meetrics’ brand new joint approach brings a new dimension to programmatic buying by combining it with programmable quality management. This partnership helps to overcome the limitations of common viewability approaches who are limited to offering a single threshold of viewability

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