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Our Ad Viewability benchmarks Q1/2015

Get an updated breakdown of our benchmarks for the international market for each quarter. The data is based on the definition of visibility from the Media Rating Council (50/1).


63 percent
Visibility rate*

28,1 sec.
Ø-Duration of visibility*

17,7 sec.
Ø-Duration of visibility**

* ≥ 1 sec, ≥ 50% of the surface ** ≥ 50% of the surface

News Attention Monitor

Meetrics also offers a solution specifically designed for news portals, which shows the activities of your readers in real-time. Find out which teasers and articles really interest your readers.



Meetrics at Interact 2015

Anant Joshi, Director International Business speaks on Audience-driven Advertising. See him at Interact, Axica Berlin – Tuesday 20/05/2015 11:50 AM.

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The different stages of campaign assessment – from cost factors to quality indicators

Ad viewability has been a focus of the online marketing sector for more than seven years. Three different stages can be distinguished between in retrospect.

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Viewability: The Advertising Trend Of 2015

The IAB is calling 2015 a “year of transition” as it recommends that advertisers seek 70% viewability during the year. But 2015 is more than a year of transition in terms of viewability. Viewability will be the defining advertising trend of 2015.

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First billing model for display advertising

Interview: MediaCom is the first agency to launch a new billing model for display advertising. The main criterion is the visibility, calculated by the service provider Meetrics. HORIZONT in conversation with Thomas Urban, Felix Badura and Andreas Vretscha.

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Interview with Philipp von Hilgers about Viewability Measurement and the Trends in Online Media

A display pop up is regarded as viewable when half of the advert was visible for one second. Meanwhile, there are several service providers who can verify these viewable ad-impressions according to the standards of the Media Rating Council (MRC).

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The Most Powerful Player in Media You’ve Never Heard Of

Across the media landscape, high-stakes battles are raging over measurement.
In the online world, there’s controversy over how to measure the “viewability” of ads – proof that a person is able to actually see them.

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