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Our Ad Viewability benchmarks Q1/2015

Get an updated breakdown of our benchmarks for the international market for each quarter. The data is based on the definition of visibility from the Media Rating Council (50/1).


63 percent
Visibility rate*

28,1 sec.
Ø-Duration of visibility*

17,7 sec.
Ø-Duration of visibility**

* ≥ 1 sec, ≥ 50% of the surface ** ≥ 50% of the surface

News Attention Monitor

Meetrics also offers a solution specifically designed for news portals, which shows the activities of your readers in real-time. Find out which teasers and articles really interest your readers.



Admanagerforum for Publishers London

Today Admanagerforum for Publishers will take place in London for the first time and we are glad to attend.

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Some Impressions of this weeks ADTRADER CONFERENCE. Hot Topics 2015: Programmatic and Performance Advertising – Thank you Felix for this instructive discourse!

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Rooftop Lounge

Our Rooftop Lounge was a big success thanks to perfect sunny weather and interesting conversations. We are extremely pleased that so many friends came by.

A huge thanks to all participants!

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Meetrics at Interact 2015

Anant Joshi, Director International Business speaks on Audience-driven Advertising. See him at Interact, Axica Berlin – Tuesday 20/05/2015 11:50 AM.

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The different stages of campaign assessment – from cost factors to quality indicators

Ad viewability has been a focus of the online marketing sector for more than seven years. Three different stages can be distinguished between in retrospect.

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Viewability: The Advertising Trend Of 2015

The IAB is calling 2015 a “year of transition” as it recommends that advertisers seek 70% viewability during the year. But 2015 is more than a year of transition in terms of viewability. Viewability will be the defining advertising trend of 2015.

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