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Kickoff for new billing of display advertising

First market launches new purchasing model based on Viewable Impressions

About nine months ago, the largest media agency in Austria, MediaCom, convinced the majority of publishers to sell their inventory based on an independent viewability definition agreed by a dozen leading advertisers.

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Viewability Benchmarks Q3/2015

In the following you find the latest figures of Meetrics Ad Viewability Benchmark for the International market. The data is based on the definition of Viewability from the IAB and the Media Rating Council (50/1).


63 percent

Viewability Rate

28,1 sec

Ø-Duration of Viewability

News Attention Monitor

Meetrics also offers a solution specifically designed for news portals, which shows the activities of your readers in real-time. Find out which teasers and articles really interest your readers.



UK online ad viewability rises above 50%

The level of online ad viewability in the UK rose from 49% in Q2 to 52% in Q3, according to a new report from European ad verification company Meetrics. In Q3 2015, 52% of online ads served in the UK met the IAB and Media Ratings Council’s recommendation that an ad is considered viewable if 50% of it is in view for at least 1 second.

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Kickoff for new billing of display advertising

It’s been almost 18 months since the US’ Media Ratings Council gave “viewability” the green light as a trading currency for online ads and nearly a year since GroupM’s bombshell that it would only pay for ads that are 100 per cent viewable. However, buying ads based on viewability hasn’t really hit prime time – except in Austria.

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Meetrics@dmexco: Valuable Expertise and Viewability Solutions

Meetrics will be in attendance of dmexco 2015, the international conference for the digital industry taking place in Cologne, Germany, on 16th – 17th September 2015. We are making ourselves available throughout the conference to provide valuable expertise and free insights into how unique viewability solutions might be applied to individual brands.

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UK online ad viewability falls below 50% in face of programmatic’s rise

The level of online ad viewability in the UK has dropped noticeably over the last year, in the face of the rise in automated ad buying processes.
In Q2 2015, less than half (49%) of online ads served in the UK met the IAB and Media Ratings Council’s recommendation

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“Viewability as a Trading Metric”

Felix Badura shares his expertise on Viewability for Perfomance Marketing. See for yourself and find his keynote on “Viewability as a Trading Metric” at ADTRADER CONFERENCE

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Admanagerforum for Publishers London

Today Admanagerforum for Publishers will take place in London for the first time and we are glad to attend.

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